Tradition-ICAP was formed in July 2000 by the merger of the OTC FX Options divisions of the TFS Group and ICAP plc. Tradition-ICAP has offices in London, New York, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Tradition-ICAP conducts its business as an independent intermediary in OTC FX Options. In November 2001, the Company integrated the Volbroker system into its currency options business. This created an inter-dealer broking consortium that combines the strengths of voice brokered liquidity together with the market's leading FX Options electronic broking platform.


The Volbroker platform was designed by traders, for traders and is used by banks all over the world.


JV Partners


Tradition, in addition to its prominence in currency options is one of the worlds leading OTC physical and derivatives brokers in equities, precious metals, oil, electricity, natural gas, coal, weather and pulp and paper.

CME Group is the world's leading derivatives marketplace.



Volbroker Partners


Volbroker was the first electronic inter-dealer trading environment for FX Options.


Designed by FX options traders for real-time performance, with liquidity support from the world's top market makers, Volbroker is the leader for electronic price transparency and efficiency in the $5,000 billion currency derivatives market.


  •       Barclays
  •       Citibank
  •       Deutsche Bank
  •       Goldman Sachs
  •       JP Morgan Chase
  •       Royal Bank of Scotland
  •       UBS Investment Bank